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Meet Val

I create Artworks by blending metals like sterling silver, fine silver, high karat gold and gemstones into unique, wearable jewelry. This craft has been my joy for over two decades -from engaging in my first jewelry studies at Rhode Island School of Design to receiving a BFA in crafts from The University of The Arts in 2000 and completing the Bench Jeweler program at Portland Jewelry Academy in 2016, I've always loved making jewelry.

I also spent several years studying glass techniques and working as a glassblower. My time in the Hot Shop, working with timing and temperature has greatly inspired my metalwork, including the fusing and granulation techniques I use in my current pieces.



During my three years living in Japan I was fascinated with the way clouds were depicted. So Elegant, yet graphic and bold. Now living in the Pacific Northwest I found myself enjoying the gray rainy weather. So many variations on clouds and rain, yet all of them beautiful. My cloud collection seeks to merge my experiences into a celebration of the clouds and rain. To me, the clouds can have many different feelings,  from bright fluffy clouds floating across a blue sky to a dense mass of dark clouds that signal an impending downpour. I love that each person brings their own interpretation to the cloud experience.